The electromagnetic spectrum

Addendum 8

The electromagnetic spectrum

To: WRAGG, William <>


Dear William,

before rounding up, I want to enquire about something that’s been at the back of my mind throughout the time I’ve been writing to Parliament. It relates to the electromagnetic spectrum, which is an integral part of the natural world, and the process of the Government auctioning off particular frequency bands in the spectrum for commercial use, most recently and pertinently, for 5G. I’m interested to know which specific laws or legislation give the British Government the right to do this and which, if any, official regulatory bodies are involved.

My reasoning is that commercializing the electromagnetic spectrum is not like commercializing the air-space through which aeroplanes fly, because the electromagnetic spectrum intimately and actively infiltrates people’s lives. The Government auctions off the spectrum as if it were an autonomous entity, but it’s not that straightforward, because the spectral frequencies permeate people’s homes and their physical bodies.

As I’ve written previously, accumulated over several decades, there now exists a very large body of science which unequivocally demonstrates that exposure to non-thermal level microwave (2G,3G,4G and lower 5G) and millimetre wave (upper 5G) radio frequencies causes harmful biological/health effects. This clearly points to the fact that exposing the British people to unavoidable 5G RF radiation, especially without their informed consent, raises serious issues, not least regarding rightful ownership, human and civil rights, and ethics.

I would like a reply to this email as soon as possible please, giving the following information:

1. Specific references for the laws or legislation which permit the Government to auction off parts of the natural electromagnetic spectrum for commercial use.

2. Details of any official bodies involved in overseeing or regulating the process.


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