On the Shoulders of Giants

Subject: On the shoulders of giants
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 09:52:59 +0100
To: WRAGG, William <william.wragg.mp@parliament.uk>norman.lamb.mp@parliament.ukJeremy.wright.mp@parliament.ukmatt.hancock.mp@parliament.uk,commonsleader@cabinetoffice.gov.uk

Dear William,

today, I’ll offer a perspective. I don’t want to clutter you with gratuitous words but I think this is important.

Dr Martin Pall, 5G: ”We are taking absolutely extraordinary risks, risks that no rational society could possibly take.”

At prestigious Royal Society lectures, where rationality reigns supreme, I’m sure more than a few scientists have spoken of ”standing on the shoulders of giants”. The ‘giants’ whose shoulders the 5G scenario stands on are Adam Smith, father of modern capitalism (now including corporations and cartels), Michael Faraday, father of electricity, and Frances Bacon, father of the scientific method. Supposing these three giants could beam down into the present times, what might their rationalisations of 5G technology be? How would Adam Smith rationalise the ‘moral sentiment’ of capitalising on the fundamental safety and privacy of humans and rendering human interests subordinate to corporate and governmental economic interests? How would Michael Faraday rationalise the corporate exploitation and corruption of the entire planetary electromagnetic field and the saturation of all biological lifeforms in totally untested, totally unnatural, electromagnetic radiation? How would Frances Bacon rationalise the corporate prostitution of scientific methodology in experiments strategically designed to conceal RF radiation effects, and the suppression of the scientific methodology which repeatedly demonstrates that RF radiation is biologically harmful? 

Of course, a more recent and less beneficial ‘father’ in this picture is the father of today’s advertising industry, Edward Bernays, who managed, within a period of weeks, to cognitively influence millions of American women into taking up cigarette smoking with a campaign called ‘Torches of Freedom’. What these ‘liberated’ women didn’t know was that for many of them, these torches of freedom would one day turn into torches of cancer, heart attacks and strokes. 

Dr Frank Adlkofer: ‘‘The mobile phone industry has taken over some methods used by the cigarette industry in the US for many, many years, to hide the truth.”  

kindest regards,


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