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This page provides videos and documentaries on the topics of EMF radiation, wireless internet, smart meters, smart technology, 5G roll-out in America and the United Kingdom, cell phone radiation… and other issues relating to non-ionising radiation.

Electromagnetic Fields
and Health Implications:

A group of doctors from Ontario, Canada, have issued an ‘urgent warning’ regarding the roll out of 5G. The Wireless Technology Symposium, Friday May 31, 2019 – Women’s College Hospital, was hosted by Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, former president of Microsoft, Canada, for 14 years.

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo.

5G, mobile phones and the current knowledge:

History of the understanding of EMF radiation:
Firefighters continue to oppose cell phone towers due to neurological effects experienced by fire fighters between 1999 – 2004 when the below research confirmed abnormal brain activity in brains with long term exposure to 2G cell phone mast. Fire stations were exempt from areas where cell phone towers/antennas could be placed due to lobbying power.

Smart Metres:

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