5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective

Subject:5G Risk:The Scientific Perspective
Date:Wed, 18 Sep 2019 15:19:00 +0100
To:WRAGG, William <william.wragg.mp@parliament.uk>norman.lamb.mp@parliament.ukmatt.hancock.mp@parliament.uknicky.morgan.mp@parliament.uk,sarah.wollaston.mp@parliament.ukseema.kennedy.mp@parliament.uk

Dear William,

Attached is the extended version of Dr Martin Pall’s document on 5G risks, now titled, ‘5G Risk:The Scientific Perspective’, which contains a wealth of vitally important information on 5G. Dr Pall’s orientation is obviously American, but every word he’s written is of value and directly or indirectly relates to the UK situation. Given the gravity of the health risks which many of the world’s scientists are warning of if 5G goes ahead, it is my opinion that every MP should read the document.

Yesterday, I quoted Carl Sagan’s prophetic words: ‘… when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues…’. This is exactly the situation we are facing…  and it wasn’t difficult to predict. What Sagan couldn’t predict was that when the threat posed by these ‘awesome technological powers’ became too great, it would, whether poetically or ironically in this context, be the world’s scientists who would grasp the issues and take it upon themselves to represent public interest. It would not be the bureaucrats, the bureaucrats would do everything possible to eschew the scientific facts and fail miserably in their supposed role of representing public interest. Bear in mind the three scientists’ appeals to the UN, WHO, UNEP and EU, which have been totally disregarded.

In the letter that was sent to every MP, outlining the serious risks 5G poses, was a section titled Bureaucracy vs Humans:

‘Bureaucracy serves as one of the greatest players in the 5G scenario. It has already methodically
rejected, and perhaps even concealed, the scientific facts of RF radiation health risks and is now,
in its cold, faceless, collective utilitarianism, on course to put every life form on earth in a position of potential jeopardy by allowing the telecommunications industry to impose a risk of harm that is unparalleled in the entirety of recorded history. 

So, what’s to be done? Are bureaucrats simply going to inertly and unquestioningly comply by
”just following orders” within the disparate departments involved in the bureaucratic trickledown of this appalling imposition?…’

It might be hard to believe… even for me, but at this moment, I’m lost for words. You have the attached document.

With my very best wishes,


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