Addendum 9


The shrouding of the truth in all-encompassing propaganda/spin is absolutely pivotal to the ‘5G Future’, as is the marketing of its ‘smarter’ lifestyle.

PR (public relations)… orchestrating 5G information in the media. A few fundamental tactics:
1. Eulogize/avoid. Avidly eulogize about the benefits of 5G technology whilst carefully avoiding the subject of potential health risks. If the issue of health risks rears its head, call on the chosen experts…
2. Chosen experts. Strategically call on favourably biased experts who can pontificate on
favourably biased perspectives and extinguish any unfavourable perspectives. If someone left of field questions the veracity of these chosen experts, dismiss or discredit them…
3. Dismiss/discredit. Blithely dismiss or attempt to discredit anyone who candidly opposes the official narrative and/or speaks the inconvenient truth. This may or may not include sarcasm, ridicule or the word ‘conspiracy’.
4. Obfuscation. Muddy the waters to create confusion or ambiguity.
5. Simplify/complexify. Either overly simplify or unnecessarily complexify an issue in order to detract and deceive.
6. Plausibility. Sound convincingly plausible about what you want the public to believe whilst smudging the facts or blatantly lying.

Advertising agencies… Freud’s unplanned progeny:
The fundamental modus operandi of advertising is to powerfully influence people by bombarding them with concepts and messages that have been devised and produced in line with the human psyche’s desires, dreams, wants and needs, as well as its fears. Influencing minds also involves omitting information which is counter to the advertiser’s aims. For example, in the case of the long term advertising of cigarettes, the omission was obviously mouth, throat, tracheal and lung cancer together with heart and circulatory disease.

Large scale advertising, which has already served the mobile/smart phone industry admirably in globalizing and advancing its technology, will be superlatively designed and perfectly timed to kick in the instant the 5G product market is ready to open up. In the meantime, upbeat ‘teasers’ are emerging to whet people’s appetites: https://www. xfQ8tsEXjMI

Astroturf methods:
The internet is an incredible tool, but navigating it in search of factual information can be highly problematic. To add to the difficulty, ‘astroturf methods’, which few people are currently aware of, are now being widely used. Astroturf is a form of special interests propaganda that involves creating or seizing opportunities to infiltrate the internet with influential information. This can make ascertaining the genuine truth about 5G extremely challenging.

Sharyl Attkisson, journalist, current affairs presenter and author of the book ‘Stonewalled’: ”But what if all isn’t as it seems? What if the reality you found was false, a carefully constructed narrative by unseen special interests designed to manipulate your opinion, a Truman Showesque alternate reality all around you? Complacency in the news media combined with incredibly powerful propaganda and publicity forces mean we sometimes get little of the truth. Special interests have unlimited time and money to figure out new ways to spin us while cloaking their role. Surreptitious ‘astroturf methods’ are now more important to these interests than traditional lobbying… .

Astroturf is when political, commercial or other special interests, disguise themselves and publish blogs, start Facebook pages and twitter accounts, publish ads and letters to the editor, or simply post comments online, to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking. The whole point of astroturf is to try to give the impression there’s widespread support for or against an agenda when there’s not. They attack news organizations that publish stories they don’t like, whistle blowers who tell the truth, politicians who dare to ask the tough questions, and journalists who have the audacity to report all of it. Sometimes, astroturfers simply shove, intentionally, so much confusing and conflicting information into the mix that you’re left to throw up
your hands and disregard all of it, including the truth. Drown out a link between a medicine and a harmful side effect by throwing a bunch of conflicting, paid for studies, surveys and experts into the mix, confusing the truth beyond recognition.

And then there’s Wikipedia, astroturf’s dream come true. Billed as the free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. The reality can’t be more different. Anonymous Wikipedia editors control and coopt pages on behalf of special interests. They forbid and reverse edits that go against their agenda. They skew and delete information, in blatant violation of Wikipedia’s own established policies, with impunity. Try adding a footnoted fact or correcting a fact error on one of these monitored Wikipedia pages and ‘poof’, sometimes within a matter of seconds you’ll find your edit is

Concealing the unthinkable:
Propaganda creates an ‘inclusive’ milieu which shapes people’s perception of events and of the world. It simultaneously instates ‘exclusive’ parameters beyond which even the bravest journalists know not to venture. ‘Concealing the unthinkable’ weaves between the two. With regard to 5G, it is unthinkable that the British government is prepared to expose the British population to an invasive, pervasive technology that’s untested for safety. This is compounded by the fact that assurances from the government implying RF radiation causes no harm are not only strongly contested by highly qualified scientists but contradicted by decades of research proving harm. It is unthinkable that the unwitting British population is being kept in a state of propaganda induced ignorance and is fundamentally clueless and questionless about the actual facts of 5G (apart, of course, from ”faster download speeds!…and possibly ”driverless cars”), thus the deployment of this extremely hazardous technology is forging ahead unquestioned and
unimpeded. This demonstrates how effectively ‘concealing the
unthinkable’ is being achieved in relation to 5G.

The cleverest 5G propaganda ploy of all:
Perhaps the cleverest 5G propaganda ploy of all is to have incrementally created dependence on, and addiction to, the very means by which you can optimally propagandize people… their screens. Add to that an engendered climate of entitlement to faster download speeds, whilst remaining muteabout harmful RF radiation effects, and the job’s done.
5G propaganda has many faces and operates on many levels, but the bottom line is that it’s being implemented across the board to market a technology that is unequivocally known to pose unthinkable risk of harm whilst simultaneously concealing these risks in every way possible.


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