Email from Margaret Hodge (MP)


Dear             ,

Thank you for your letter.

I was interested to read the material that you sent me. From my own research, it does appear that this is not a cut and dried matter. I understand the uncertainty there is around this matter (see this for example: but I also understand your concerns.

I thought that two good points were made in the video above, first, that because something is possible, it does not mean it is probable and second, that cell phones are not ‘new technology’ insofar as they have evolved from a combination of computers, radios and telephones, all of which have been present in our society for over 100 years and none of which have, thus far,  been shown to cause any of the conditions to which you refer.  Of course, you might argue that the signal strength is the determining factor here but again, that is contested by the argument that 5G does not take signal strength into the danger zone.

I am sure that the argument on this matter will develop over time and you can be sure that I will monitor any evidence that is brought forward to support either side of the argument.

with good wishes,

Margaret Hodge



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