Email to Rt Hon Norman Lamb (MP) (5) 07/06/19

Titled – ‘For Immediate Attention’


Dear Norman Lamb,

bear with me, this is my rounding up email. For your reference, here’s the link to a pdf of the 18 page letter I sent to you and every other MP, outlining the serious potential risks, not least the physical risks, 5G technology poses to the British population:

During the past ten months, I’ve trawled relentlessly through a plethora of information relating to ‘the 5G future’. This is my summary, which is either self-evident or verifiable:

Boiling point:

The rolling out of 5G, as I wrote in my letter, is dependent upon mass ignorance of the risks. A milieu pervaded by the incremental upgrading of ‘generational’ technologies, and their supporting propaganda, has prepared society, like the proverbial frog whose water is heated up increment by increment until it’s at boiling point, to willingly and unquestioningly accept technological overkill. Unthinkable as the prospect is, society has been technologically nudged into a position in which it is all set to welcome something which could, in the most real terms, prove to be its nemesis. ‘Tech-addiction’ has already made its entrance into the vernacular, along with ‘ipsilateral tumour’ and ‘digital dementia’. 5G is primed to take things to an entirely different level.

At your ‘business as usual’ meeting on the UK telecommunications infrastructure, there will be specialists who are hugely more versed in technology and global markets than I am. I’m more like the little boy in the tale of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, pointing out the obvious. The difference here, of course, is that the young boy simply had to shout ‘The Emperor’s naked’ for the crowd to erupt, because it was only the King who’d been fooled. In the situation with 5G, practically everybody’s being fooled and one voice, no matter how loudly it shouts, is unlikely to be heard. The media inform the public… and not always in the public’s best interests. They are not going to shout ”Scientists are warning that 5G is a serious risk to the health of the British population. There hasn’t been a single safety test carried out on its frequencies which will bombard men, women and children at close range with radiofrequency levels ten times higher than 4G. For over sixty years it has been known that radiofrequency radiation is harmful. In 2015, over 200 scientists approached the UN, the EU and the WHO requesting a lowering of current frequency levels because current EMF frequency levels, including mobile phone levels, are actively harming people. More recently, these scientists have warned of ‘serious potential health effects of 5G’ and recommended a moratorium. What’s the government doing to protect the British people?” No. So why aren’t they broadcasting this highly topical information? Because the media are not in the business of fully informing us, they’re in the business of cognitively captivating and capturing people’s minds in line with what’s required. If the media were doing their job properly, I would not be writing at length to British politicians… who will, no doubt, prefer to stick with the media. That’s the way it works… and also, it’s a lot easier than taking up the baton, which requires courage and conviction..

A non-media version of the 5G future:

 Faster download speeds most people don’t need because 4G’s fast enough for them.

Driverless cars most people vehemently don’t want… especially in the trial and error period.

Ubiquitous close range, phased array radio frequencies capable of blinding and incapacitating people.

A smart grid which is completely hackable.

Smart devices to the point of technological parody and, more importantly, hackable.

Massive corruption of the entire planetary electromagnetic field.

The jeopardizing of all biological lifeforms.

Artificial intelligence which, amongst other things, could literally wipe us out.

Largely gratuitous and surplus to requirement.

Crude and dangerous.

Many far superior avenues for technological advancement.

Profit driven, including the subordination of the public’s best interests and safety.

5G… technological overkill:

I have now sent you a lengthy letter and five emails outlining the various, and extremely serious risks 5G poses. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that for all the hype, 5G isn’t going to enhance the world, as technology theoretically should. It is going to superimpose a technological grid over the entire earth, to massively corrupt the natural frequencies essential to nature, to invade every home and body with deleterious frequencies, to intimately monitor people’s lives… and to thoroughly violate the population’s basic human rights.

There is currently a middle ground where people like yourself apply the voice of reason and intelligence, and discuss various aspects of 5G as if it were just another step in technological progress… but 5G isn’t just another step. 5G is a leap too far. We have perfectly good technology with 4G, which serves us more than adequately and which doesn’t pose anything even approaching the unthinkable level of threat 5G poses.

The telecommunications industry is now a behemoth that wields daunting degrees of power and influence around the world, but as I wrote in my letter, ‘Are bureaucrats simply going to inertly and unquestioningly comply by ”just following orders” within the disparate departments involved in the bureaucratic trickledown of this appalling imposition? Are those of us who are privy to the facts simply going to allow this inhuman force (bureaucratic) to continue by cowing under its, and the telecommunications industry’s, massively inflated authority? Are we, as regular, decent people, simply going to relinquish our inviolable human rights and let the frequencies of this technology attack our eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, brain, endocrine system, reproductive organs, heart, cells, DNA … and worse still, those of our children? Or are we going to wake up to the horrendous reality of what’s taking place and do something, in some sort of human solidarity, to address it?

What is the government going to do? It urgently needs to take protective action. If it allows the deployment of 5G to go ahead without safety testing and in blatant denial of the scientists’ warnings to the EU of ‘potential serious health effects of 5G’ it will, as I wrote in my letter, be perpetrating a heinous and reckless crime against the British population. This is unarguable.

Thank you for your time.

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