Letters and Emails That Have Been Sent… Mayor of Manchester 1.2

Dear Mayor Burnham,

Various tactics are used to cover up the dangers of 5G and keep people in a state of acceptance and acquiescence. Here’s one tactic, the ‘obfuscation’ or ‘muddying the waters’ tactic. Creating confusion in people’s minds, the ”I don’t know who to believe” when questions are asked or doubts raised about the mobile phone radiation dangers. In such a scenario the human brain quickly becomes very stressed and overwhelmed, it has little or no stamina in the face of confusion and lack of clarity, so will soon resort to ”I’m just going to have to trust the experts they put on the television and in the paper.” … whom the media carefully select and give credence to.  This leads into another tactic, the one of  ‘blithely dismissing’ tactic that’s applied to anyone who questions the narratives of these chosen experts. It often includes the words ‘conspiracy theory’, a short phrase created by the CIA after John Kennedy’s murder to discredit those who were intelligently questioning the official story. The words have served the CIA well, reaching their zenith in this current era, and have taken on a power of meaning that can dismiss even the most honest and accurate researcher and truthsayer.  For amplification, they’re generally accompanied by the dismissive wave of a hand or  the stretched, sardonic smile of the interviewer.  It’s a method of controlling the information.

 I watched a really interesting neurolinguistics programming video analysing a presenter interviewing a university professor who was questioning the official story of 9/11… which most intelligent people do, including a group of over one and a half thousand architects, engineers, physicists and demolition experts. The video showed how the presenter had been trained to strategically use various techniques in order to dismiss the validity of the perspectives the professor he was interviewing gave, in order to make him look ridiculous and discredit him. This is because anybody who doesn’t conform to ‘the official story’, to what the governments dictate, is not to be tolerated. Their perspective, no matter how solidly it is underpinned, is ployfully dismissed. Oh,… and watch out for the words ‘scaremongering’ or ‘paranoid’ when anyone tries to warn others about the dangers of  5G RF radiation levels. Orwell wrote ‘The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it’ but at this point in time, it’s surely a case of ‘The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those whom the media tear down, ridicule and dismiss when they speak it.’

There’s a tactic which is fundamental for cognitively coercing people into thinking that 5G technology is a good and beneficial thing which represents positive ‘progress’. The tactic is the use of ‘plausibility’. Definition:  ‘Plausible (of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable. (of a person) skilled at producing persuasive arguments, especially ones meant to deceive,’  There can be a major difference between what’s true and what sounds plausible. The art of using plausibility in order to lie has been perfected by governments, media figures and corporations, and is constantly used in order to deceive.  To the uninformed (or gullible) ear the plausible sounds reasonable and ‘true’. To the informed ear it sounds like deception and lies. With regard to 5G, the truth is to be found in the trustworthy science, not the science produced by vested interests… including governments, who acquire billions of pounds from the mobile phone industry. In my previous email I’ve given links to trustworthy scientists speaking out against EMFs/5G and scientists petitioning for further research to be carried out on the potential dangers of 5G radiation.

Another tactic I’ve observed is to direct complex issues into simple ones (which then hides the ‘devil in the details’) and conversely, to direct  simple things into complex ones (so therefore only a few clever enough people are qualified to understand them i.e. not you). With regard to 5G, both tactics are being used. The complexity of the science is swept under the carpet and simple, biased perspectives, that lack the complexities needed to arrive at the truth, are presented to the public by the various media and government bodies. Simultaneously, the simple fact that 5G is dangerous and known to be dangerous is redirected into ‘but the clever experts understand the complexities and you have to trust them because such complexities are not understood by the general public. This is, of course, done with the assurance that such clever experts have our best interests at heart and would never bring harm to people.

Ridiculously over reactive and hyperbolic as the words may sound, the rolling out of 5G is unequivocally, and by any definition, evil and tyrannical… which leads to another tactic, ‘the unthinkable’.  Most people are basically decent and think that our government would never allow a technology that could harm us to be implemented. In spite of the glossy paper in which the media have collectively wrapped 5G technology, there is no doubt at all that the harm 5G frequencies will do to humans is, by any standards, unthinkable. Dr Devra Davis, from her book ‘Disconnect’, ‘After all, I reasoned, cell phones must be safe. Some of those complaining about health problems had the intense passion about the matter that one tends to dismiss as not credible. If there were really any serious problems, I reasoned, the governments of the world would not blithely underwrite the global spread of this technology. Having spent the past six years learning what some have known for four decades, I now understand I was mistaken.’ This underlying trust in our government’s care for us makes this tactic of ‘the unthinkable’ one of the most insidiously dangerous tactics of all. Although many people in the UK and the US have become cynical about their politicians, they still trust that a level of harm as serious as 5G potentially poses would never be sanctioned. Such a thing would be unthinkable. Think again.

The overarching and all-consuming tactic that’s fundamental to rolling out 5G without inciting public outcry or resistance is a time tested and perennially effective one. It’s best demonstrated in this three minute video on how Edward Bernays managed, within weeks, to lure a generation of women into smoking cigarettes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRjbXiwNVDc

The tactic is one of brainwashing people by bombarding them with concepts and messages that have been devised and produced in line with the human psyche’s desires, dreams, wants, needs… and also its fears. You will note that Bernays consulted ”the leading psychoanalyst of his time” in order to discover, and thus exploit these. The brain is adaptive and constantly adapts in response to its environment.  This is a cool thing… unless the brain is immersed in an environment which is deceptive and illusory. Then the brain’s adaptive responses can become a liability and lead to a brainwashed human.  Brainwashing can also be achieved by leaving out what isn’t going to ‘sell’ something… in the case of the long term advertising of cigarettes, the omission was mouth, throat, tracheal and lung cancer together with heart and circulatory diseases. The tactic is to strategically create and then  control the cognitive map via media orientation and content i.e. a constant stream of propaganda. By these means, the map becomes the territory… a territory filled with willing, brainwashed participants

People urgently need the truth, not the perpetual lies, about 5G frequencies.  ..”the claims that were being made about health effects were so severe that had there been premarket testing, cell phones would never have made it into the market place.” This is the level of inhumanity that’s implicated, that’s creating the 5G map, and at this point, the goal posts aren’t simply moving, they’re set to move right off the figurative football pitch, because 5G is set to change everything…and mainly for the worse.  As things stand, almost an entire society has been cognitively influenced (brainwashed) into welcoming its nemesis, the erosion of health, the loss of the right to privacy… and probably, before too long, the right to be an autonomous, un-microchipped human being.

We are in a profoundly threatening situation, one that has been orchestrated by some of the brightest minds in existence and appalling as it is, it’s clear that the 5G map, which is fast becoming the territory, has been superlatively created . This works brilliantly for the mobile phone industry and the governments… but if we listen to the true and independent scientists, things aren’t looking good for the rest of us.

Kindest regards,

The first email can be found here and the following (third) email can be found here 

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