Letters and Emails That Have Been Sent… Mayor of Manchester 1.5

Dear Mayor Burnham,

I am bombarding you with words only because of the serious and pressing nature of the 5G roll out and the fact that practically nobody has even the slightest realisation that the dangers far outweigh any benefits.

In the US: The US Conference of Mayors. Statement on FCC’s order to usurp local property rights: https://www.usmayors.org/2018/09/10/statement-by-u-s-conference-of-mayors-ceo-executive-director-tom-cochran-on-fccs-order-proposing-to-usurp-local-property-rights/    ‘Hundreds of local governments have previously stated they will sue the FCC if it proceeds. Local governments are being stripped of their rights, and are simultaneously becoming very aware of the vast body of evidence showing biological harm from 5G millimeter wave / microwave radiation.’

Professor Olle Johannson representing true and integrious science. This video contains vital information for you, your family and everybody else:


The rolling out of 5G, and all it represents for our future, has reached the point of taking on the characteristics of a science fiction story. ‘’Cool!’’, you might exclaim… but this would be naïve, because If this scenario was in a sci-fi film, with scenes of scientific laboratories doing experiments that portend dire health implications for the human race, the audience would become racked with tension…  and without any doubt, they’d be rooting for the billions of jeopardized humans, not for the powerful characters, the ‘bad guys’, who are behind the unleashing of 5G technology.

What on earth is going on that a small number of humans are 1. Being allowed to go ahead with their plans to install and implement a form of technology, 5G, that will dangerously hijack the earth’s magnetic field with high level RF radiation? 2. Being given permission to forge ahead with those  plans without regulation? There are red flags everywhere. True to form, the various media outlets are complicitly reporting the upside of 5G but completely omitting all the information on the drastic implications of the downside.

Please do whatever you can in order to arrest these antennas being inflicted upon Manchester’s unwitting population..

Thank you once again for your time. I’d be grateful if you could briefly let me know that you have received and read my five emails.

Very best wishes,

The previous (fourth) email can be found here and the following (sixth) email can be found here.

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